RSVP the bride and groom Anthony Everest & Melissa Balzan

On Saturday 25th July 2009 at St. John's Church in Gravesend, in front of her friends and family, Melissa Natalie Balzan will be marrying Anthony Charles Everest.

Now the formalities are over please feel free to browse the website...actually before you do, could you slip your shoes off. We're trying to keep the white background as clean as possible...thanks.

Wedding Details

Wedding Day

Wedding Details

Hen Weekend

Monday 13th to Friday 17th April 2009

All the ladies are off to the Center Parcs in Longleat Forest for a week of pampering and pure indulgence. A visit to the water park is optional, but recommended. If you can't make the whole week, why not come down for a couple of days.

Stag Weekend

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2009

The boys are flying up to Edinburgh for a spot of Rage Buggying. Not 100% what that is, all I know is they look like they go pretty it has Rage in its name, what more could you want? Comedy club you say? Ok we'll go there too. Hit the bars? It'll be rude not to.

The Bride & Groom

The Bride


Playing the bride for the performance on the 25th July is Melissa Natalie Balzan.

Proud of her Mediterranean heritage, Melissa (better known to many as Miss Balzan) is half Maltese. Whether she has a chocolate coating or honeycomb centre is yet to be determined.

When not playing the blushing bride, Melissa likes to stand in front of 33 children banging her head against a metaphorical, and literal, brick wall as another child makes the decision that glue's not for's for eating. Knowing she wanted to be a teacher from the tender age of six, Melissa was a popular girl with all her friends (teddy bears), especially when giving them out Maths homework.

Her hobbies include music and dance, and she one day hopes to bring about world peace through the aid of marmalade. In the swimwear round she'll be wearing a two piece bathing suit in a Copacabana green with yellow trim.

The Groom


From a very early age Anthony knew that he wanted to be a robot.

Realising the impossibility of this dream, he quickly turned to expressionist painting. A skill his teacher noticed when he couldn't stay within the lines of his colouring book. Rather than label him a "special child", she decided to put a positive spin on things and hailed him as the new Kandinsky.

For the next 14 years Anthony happily created works of art that people would travel far and wide to avoid. Then one day at University, where he was studying Fine Art, Anthony had an epiphany about his was rubbish. With new found insight he quickly jumped ship and joined a new course which consisted of playing on computers all day.

Happily, he completed the course and now works as a web designer whilst actively campaigning for all the salt to be removed from the sea.


The Church

St John The Evangelist

St John The Evangelist Roman Catholic Church

192 Parrock Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 1EN.

Click on the link below to access Google Maps, and directions to the nearest car park to the church from Gravesend (C) Junction of the A2.

When you arrive at the car park, continue walking north up Parrock Street until you see the church on your right hand side.

If you're coming to the reception, use the link below for directions to Bradbourne House from the Church.

The Reception

Bradbourne House

Bradbourne House

New Road, East Malling, Kent, ME19 6DZ.

If you're coming to the Evening Party, click on the link above to see Bradbourne House's location. To get a set a directions from your house (residence, abode, gaff or crib), click on the To here link in the speech bubble that pops up. Add your address and click Go.

Then, by the mysterious powers of the Interweb, directions appear on the left hand side of the screen and the map now shows your route from A to B....simple as finding the Higgs Boson particle.

If you get stuck at all, just whang me an email.


Larkfield Priory

Larkfield Priory

The Larkfield Priory Hotel

London Road, Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent, ME20 6HJ.
Tel No: 01732 846 858

The Bride and Groom will be staying at The Larkfield Priory on the night of the wedding. Most of the wedding party will be as well, so if you fancy staying and having breakfast with the newly weds (wait, have I just moved into referring to myself as the third person? That can't be head hurts) then you are more than welcome.

We've booked a few rooms, so if you want to get a discounted rate, email me and we will send you the booking reference number.

Other Hotels

For all those peeps who fancy a drinky drink to toast the Bride and Groom (purely for social reasons...obviously), here's a list of hotels that are closest to Bradbourne House.

Thomas Wyatt Premier Inn

London Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0HG.
Tel No: 08701 977 168

Holiday Inn

London Road, Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 7RS.
Tel No: 0871 423 4931

Malta Premier Inn

Allington Lock, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3AS.
Tel No: 08701 977 308

Village Hotel

Castle View, Forstal Road, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3AQ.
Tel No: 01622 672 200

Gift List

Gift List

Errr, this is awkward...

Neither of us likes to ask for presents, but people have said that they would like to buy us something for our special day.

So with this in mind we've set up a Gift List with John Lewis. Don't feel that you have to buy something from the list, we've just used it to compile a list of things we need to buy for our house.

The more you say a word, the weirder it sounds...list, list, list, list, list.

Click to access John Lewis Gift List website

Click on the John Lewis logo above to access their Gift List site. Choose Buy a gift in the menu and then enter the 6 digit number below into the Gift List number box. There is no guest password so just press the Display List button to access the list.

Our Gift List number is 346836.

The list opens on 13th June.

To everyone that has bought a wedding gift from our list, or have decided to go off piste...

We would like to say a great big...

Thank You

Gifts are not expected, but truly appreciated and gratefully received.

Contact Us

Contact Form

Contact form coming soon...

In the mean time, here's a video of a cat with ninja skills...funnier WITHOUT sound.

Congratulations to Mat & Sharon who are expecting their first child. Mat has said that if anyone finds this before the baby is born, he will buy them a drink...and give them a hundred pounds...and a lolly...possibly some biscuits.

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Alternatively if you just want to send us an email saying how delicious we are use either of the addresses below:

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